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MNPS/LEAD Public Schools Volunteer Policy

Attention Interested Volunteers and Community Partners: 

Consistent with the MNPS' "Volunteers and Visitors in Schools" (IM 4.105 Policy), LEAD Public Schools actively supports school volunteer programs and parental involvement, and encourages our principals to develop volunteer programs for our campuses. All volunteers must be approved by the principal and shall serve under the direct supervision of the professional personnel of the school to which they are assigned or have offered their services.

Community and Business Partner Volunteers
Community volunteers provide invaluable support for MNPS students and teachers, with projects and programs including mentorships, guest speakers, classroom assistants and campus beautification. Community volunteers must be registered with PENCIL Foundation, as well as have the approval of the building principal. Exceptions to the registration requirement must be approved by the building principal and are only available for one-time volunteers, guest speakers, etc. Registration can take place by completing the volunteer form at or through organization registration as a school PENCIL Partner.

Parent and PTO volunteers
MNPS strongly encourages and supports the volunteer efforts of our parents in the classroom and on our campuses. Any parent/PTO volunteer must sign in at the main office of their child’s school and must be accompanied by a teacher or school support staff at all times. 

Volunteer Coaches
All volunteer coaches must submit to a criminal background check and fingerprinting. The fingerprinting and background check may be done at 2601 Bransford Avenue or through another agency that administers fingerprinting. The volunteer will pay the fingerprinting cost.

Please contact Mr. Corey Burton at for more information on volunteer opportunities.

"Everyone can be great because anyone can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve...You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love."

— Rev. Dr. MLK, Jr.