Students at LEAD Public Schools in Nashville are among the fastest improving schools in the state for student academic growth, scoring a Level 4 or 5 TVAAS growth scores at all six network schools during 2017-18.

This success includes the students at LEAD’s two Achievement School District (ASD) schools, LEAD Brick Church and LEAD Neely’s Bend. The ASD is part of the state’s special efforts to turn around the previously lowest performing schools in the state.

 “All of these results are a direct reflection of the hard work and commitment of our teachers and staff, students and parents, across all of our schools, grades, and subject areas to grow students year over year and to help them catch up academically,” said LEAD Network CEO, Dwayne Tucker.

“We are particularly encouraged to see such significant progress at Neely’s Bend and Brick Church,” Tucker said. “But our work continues at all of our schools to help close all achievement gaps and to help every student succeed. We are more committed than ever to providing a best in class education for every student in our care and to ensure they are prepared for college, career, and for life.” 

Here are the key takeaways from this year’s TVAAS scores:

  • At five LEAD schools, students are growing academically at the very highest TVAAS Level 5, meaning these students grew faster than their peers across the entire state.
  • LEAD Public Schools demonstrated sustained excellence at LEAD Cameron, LEAD Southeast and LEAD Academy High School. All three schools once again received the highest possible Level 5 for student growth.
  • Students at Neely’s Bend and Brick Church, Nashville’s only Achievement School District schools, jumped this year from well below average to ABOVE the state average. Neely's Bend grew from a Level 1 to a 5 and Brick Church from a 2 to 4 for student growth.
  • LEAD Southeast High School, which began with a ninth grade for the 2017-2018 school year, outperformed the state in its first year of operation and also received a 5.
  • Among school operators or districts serving more than 2,000 students, with 60 percent or more of students coming from an economically disadvantaged background, LEAD was the only network of schools to produce level 4 or 5 TVAAS growth in 100 percent of its schools in Tennessee. 

TVAAS, known as the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System measures student growth year over year compared to the performance of each student’s peers. TVAAS assesses the impact schools and teachers have on their student’s academic progress and highlights areas that need more focused attention and rigorous instruction.