LEAD hosted the first of three Sustaining Saturday professional development days on Saturday, Sept. 24 at Brick Church: A LEAD Public School. 

The three-hour session gave staff members an opportunity to actively collaborate and dive more deeply into several initiatives. Sustaining Saturdays are part of LEAD's continued effort to support teachers with the tools they need to be successful year-round.

They also gave staff members a chance to talk about tangible practices that add to student success. One example stemmed from a session on being "Warm and Demanding" as a teacher and adult role model in our buildings.

"Some things transcend culture," said Brick teacher Bianca Larkin. "Eye contact. Saying 'I care about you.' Saying 'I'm not going to let you fail.' That transcends culture."

Saturday's sessions included the following: "Bridging the Gap: Connecting EngageNY to the Math Instructional Framework," "How Effective is Your Cold Call?", "Google Classroom," "Illuminate into Action," and "Creating a Comprehensible Classroom," among others. 

"'Sustaining Saturdays' are important because they provide time for our staff members to take a few moments to breathe and reflect on their craft," said Dr. Amy Hunter, director of curriculum and assessment. "It's then followed by sessions meant to push them to be more effective both inside and outside of the classroom as both content masters and advocates for our students."

Photos from Saturday's session on our Facebook page. Additional Sustaining Saturdays will take place on Dec. 10 and March 11. Thank you to the staff members who attended and presented. All LEADers shoutout!