LEAD Public Schools officials announced this week a rebranding for all schools in the LEAD network, which serves students in grades 5 through 12 in neighborhoods throughout Nashville.

The new logos clearly establish the linkages between the network’s five campuses while ensuring the neighborhoods served remain prominent in the names of LEAD schools.

Founded in 2007 with a vision to graduate all seniors and help them transition successfully to college, the network is reinforcing this mantra through its historical emphasis on the LEAD Ethos and by supporting all students to realize their potential and acquire the necessary skills to succeed in a 21st Century world, said CEO Chris Reynolds.

“The new logos for the network – and for each school – bring both unity and uniqueness and allow for community members, city neighbors and anyone interested in LEAD Public Schools to easily identify the communities our schools serve,” Reynolds said. “In all our outreach over the years, we have found families across the city are consistent in the two things they desire most from a public education: a great school for their child, and one that is close to home.” 

The mission of LEAD Public Schools – to support, educate and train the next generation of responsible citizens – has not changed. The new slogan – “Ready for College. Ready for Life” – provides an update on the founding vision of the network and allows a more inclusive approach as LEAD continues to expand enrollment to serve all students.

“Our new logos allow the Nashville community to see who we are, what we represent, and honors the neighborhoods where are schools are located, Reynolds said. “We consider it a privilege to do this work and our new logos honor that privilege by prominently evidencing the communities we are committed to serving.” 

The final piece of the LEAD Public Schools’ rebranding campaign is a subtle nod to the communities the network serves: the “college prep” piece of each school’s name has been removed and, moving forward, each LEAD public school will be known distinctly for the neighborhood or history it serves: Brick Church: A Lead Public School; Cameron: A LEAD Public School; LEAD Southeast: A LEAD Public School; and Neely’s Bend: A LEAD Public School. LEAD Academy, which has served middle and high school populations since 2010, will continue to be known by its historical name.

To see more about the LEAD story and our history in Nashville, please watch our back-to-school video below.


LEAD Public Schools, the state’s first charter management organization, was founded in 2007. LEAD Public Schools now operates five schools: LEAD Academy high and middle schools, LEAD Southeast, Brick ChurchCameron, and Neely’s Bend. LEAD Public Schools exist to support, educate and train the next generation of responsible citizens. To learn more about LEAD or to obtain an application for students in grades 5-12, visit www.leadpublicschools.org. Please follow us on twitter via @LEADPubSchools and like us on facebook.