Twenty representatives of the Rotary Club of Nashville spent time speaking with LEAD Academy seniors today as part of the annual Rotary lunch inside the Cameron library in South Nashville. 
The Rotarians spoke with seniors about their own educational journeys and the importance of college.
"Our seniors are in the thick of college application season right now," said Nic Frank, the school director. "It's an extremely stressful -- and exciting -- time and they are handling everything with such maturity."
The annual luncheon is a chapter in the college application journey for LEAD Academy seniors, one that culminates on May 9 at the network's annual Senior Signing Day. The first four graduating classes have all earned 100 percent acceptance to college -- a testament to the students' hard work, their families' and teachers' support and the school's college counseling program. For photos from the event, please visit our Facebook page here.
Thank you to our friends at Rotary for sharing their stories with our students and for supporting them on their own individual journeys to college!